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Opportunity Zone Analysis

Posted by StratoDem Analytics Research Team on 11/19/18 3:43 AM

StratoDem Analytics is publishing Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) Analysis

The IRS recently released updated guidance on Opportunity Zones for favorable tax treatment on capital gains that are rolled into new investments in Opportunity Zones. This week, StratoDem Analytics integrated Opportunity Zone analysis into our real estate analysis platform. With all 8,700+ census tracts identified as Opportunity Zones available in the platform, the StratoDem Analytics engine can score each of these census tracts on numerous dimensions, including:

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Senior Living owners portfolio rankings

Posted by StratoDem Analytics Research Team on 9/26/18 5:32 AM

StratoDem Analytics publishes the analysis of 40 of the 50 largest senior living owners highlighting relative rankings based on the following criteria: 

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StratoDem Analytics Forecasting Accuracy

Posted by StratoDem Analytics Research Team on 9/8/18 10:58 AM

StratoDem Analytics clients frequently ask for backtesting results to build comfort with longer-run demographic and economic forecasts. This year, we scaled up our backtesting and are releasing a technical brief of an in-house study of our model output with backtesting of forecast results. The backtest demonstrates that StratoDem Analytics is frequently at least 25% more accurate for forecasts of population compared to the leading legacy-generation demographic data provider.

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Multifamily/Residential Solutions by StratoDem Analytics

Posted by StratoDem Analytics Research Team on 7/26/18 9:00 AM

Following the release of Blaise ML, our machine learning analyst, StratoDem Analytics is pleased to announce the public release of our Multifamily/Residential solutions.

Combining the capabilities of Blaise ML, Market Insights, and our Blaise-written memos, clients are now able to break down markets and submarkets by homebuyer or renter classifications such as:

  • First-time homebuyers
  • Prime-age renters
  • Trade-up homebuyers
  • Empty-nester homebuyers

For each pre-defined or custom residential segment, clients can now analyze across 400+ MSAs and 70,000+ census tracts across the US metrics relevant to multifamily/residential development and investment such as:

  • Households and population by age, (25 to 29 years old, 30 to 34, 35 to 39, etc. up to 85+)
  • Household income, including by source of income
  • Household net worth
  • Home values for owned homes
  • Housing costs for renters and owners
  • Educational attainment
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Meet Blaise ML: Machine Learning Real Estate Analyst

Posted by StratoDem Analytics Research Team on 7/16/18 3:19 PM

StratoDem Analytics is pleased to announce the release of Blaise ML, a machine learning real estate analyst designed to provide clients desktop access to massive computational analysis for portfolio-level and property-level market analysis and forecasting.

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StratoDem Analytics announces 2018 Data Science Research Fellow

Posted by StratoDem Analytics Research Team on 7/2/18 4:15 PM

StratoDem Analytics is pleased to announce its 2018 Data Science Research Fellow, Sara R. Rutledge.

Ms. Rutledge is an independent economist with a twenty-year research career in the real estate industry.

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Initial reaction to the newest of household net worth data

Posted by StratoDem Analytics Research Team on 9/27/17 8:00 PM

StratoDem Analytics nowcasts off by less than 3% from official estimates

StratoDem Analytics last week released its final estimate for the 2016 median household net worth at $100,000. The latest release from the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances pegged median household net worth at $97,300, demonstrating how StratoDem Analytics helps clients know where the market is before the official data is released.

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Estimating household net worth accurately

Posted by StratoDem Analytics Research Team on 9/15/17 8:00 PM

Deploying data science to build dramatically more accurate nowcasts of household wealth and other vital metrics

Estimating average household net worth is notoriously difficult.

But understanding net worth profiles for target markets is critical for optimizing marketing and investment decisions, particularly in high-cost categories involving real estate.

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Nashville, TN leads US in employment growth

Posted by StratoDem Analytics Research Team on 8/31/16 8:00 AM

Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin, TN metro adds over 50,000 jobs (+5.7%) on a seasonally-adjusted basis from July 2015, leading all metros with over 500,000 residents. New York-Jersey City-White Plains, NY-NJ sheds nearly 20,000 jobs, a 0.3% decrease.

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